About Me

My name is Aaron and I’ve succeeded and I’ve failed. I’ve fought with the deepest depression and survived. I’ve played sports, I’ve performed music, I’ve been a part of making short films, I’ve been a broadcaster/content creator on the internet. I’ve even ventured into the wild and crazy world of the 9-5.

  17308815_10208649032210093_4177222096130112331_nI’m launching this website for many reasons. I want to share all the random thoughts I have. I want to learn from anyone who wishes to contribute. I want to maybe teach you something you didn’t know before. I want to show you things from a different perspective than your own.

This site will also serve as a journal of sorts, documenting my life with my wife and two daughters. They’re weird but I love them, and maybe we can all go on this parenting journey together.

So if you’re a sports fan, a nerd, a movie buff, a thinker, or just some person cruising the internet, I hope you can find something to enjoy here. My mind is too chaotic to focus on a single topic forever so I will be writing about whatever topic whatever comes to mind that day.

I’d love to hear from you outside of this page as well. So please feel free to find me out there in the WWW. The easiest places to find me are on Twitter, and on my Twitch channel.

See ya round,

– Aaron