Family Trip to Kansas City

There aren’t many better things than getting home after a road trip and sprawling out on the couch. So while I’m laying here I might as well do a little writing, and why not share some stuff from our trip?

One thing I want to say is I set a record this weekend. I am not a well traveled person. Like, at all. So try not to judge me when I say that this weekend in Kansas City was the furthest north I have ever been in my life. Yeah, go ahead and laugh, it’s ok.

Downtown KC

We headed up for my wife’s cousin’s wedding. It was a pretty good time considering I knew absolutely no one there. Since I didn’t really do much besides eat their food and drink their booze, I won’t waste much time talking about that part of the trip. Moving on.

The wedding was on Saturday night and we drove in that day, so we decided to get a hotel and spend today exploring and taking the kids to some pretty cool places.

This morning I performed my hotel ritual, and gorged myself on the free breakfast. I mean, what good is having free food if you don’t take advantage? Once we were all ready for the day, we decided to first take the girls to LegoLand and SeaLife Aquarium.

C with lego R2-D2

LegoLand was crazy cool, and I’m still fighting the urge to go buy all the legos I can find. Our girls are still too young to build anything more complex than a tower, but it was really fun to watch them just do their thing and get to play.

C and E playing

Now the aquarium was attached to LegoLand and they sell combo tickets so we headed there next. As far as aquariums go, I’ve seen better. It was pretty small and there weren’t really a whole hell of a lot of animals, but the girls absolutely loved it. C called every fish she saw either Dory or Nemo, unless it was a shark, she knows sharks and would point out every one she saw.


C underwater

We got them a few toys and some legos from the gift shop, and headed on our way. There was a very nice little courtyard type area right outside with one of those fountain areas where a bunch shoot out of the ground. C loves fountains and splash pad type places so we had to go stand by it and get splashed a few times. At this point I was starting to realize that KC is way cooler of a place than I had originally thought.

From there we literally just got in the truck, and started driving. I like to free roam when I’m in a new place, just to kind of get a feel for the place and see if I can stumble across anything fun or interesting. Enter, The WWI memorial.

WWI Memorial

Now, we didn’t go inside because trying to contain these kids in a museum that was not designed for kids did not sound like the best time. But, there was a huge memorial tower with some displays of pictures from the war and what those places look like now. It was really interesting to walk around for a few and read about all of the photos. Plus this place had an amazing view of downtown, and I took one of the best photos I think I’ve ever taken.

Pretty sure this is the best photo I’ve taken.

We saved the best for last and went on a search for some KC BBQ. Now being from Oklahoma, I am no stranger to good BBQ (I honestly think Oklahoma BBQ is severely underrated). So my expectations were high because when people talk about BBQ, KC is always ranked as one of the best places in America.

I was not disappointed at all. We went to a place called Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue. 20170625_144913Being the BBQ lover that I am I got the Sampler. Beef ribs, pork ribs, pork burnt ends, and BBQ chicken with some fries and this magical side called cheesy corn bake (think awesome mac’n’cheese but with corn instead of pasta). This place was listed everywhere I searched as one of the best places for BBQ and I agree. Definitely one of the best plates of meat that I’ve ever had. My only complaint about this place was that they asked me if I wanted some extra sauce, and I chose the “spicy” sauce. Now me being from Louisiana originally, and having a deep love for spicy food, this sauce was comically NOT spicy. This was the moment I remembered I was further north than I’ve ever been, and I truly hope that this is not all of KC’s definition of spicy. If so, y’all need help.

Arrowhead Stadium

Now to round out the trip today we went to see Arrowhead Stadium and Kauffman Stadium, me being a huge sports fan and all. It still blows my mind that Arrowhead is the loudest stadium, just doesn’t look like it would be to me. We couldn’t get very close because there was a Royals game going on while we were there, but it was still cool to see. Maybe I’ll come back some time and catch a game.


Overall it was a pretty fun little weekend trip with the fam. It’s always nice to get away from home even if just for a little bit.

Until next time,



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