Why do you write?

Why do you write? What do you write about?

I truly want to know.

If you’re a blogger and you’re reading this I want to know what it is you get out of your site. Does it give you a sense of accomplishment every time you publish something? Do you use it as an outlet for thoughts and feelings that you can’t find an outlet for elsewhere? Do you do it simply for attention?

I keep asking myself why I started doing this. This is not the first blog I have launched. The best reason I can come up with is that I need an outlet for my mind. I have so many thoughts throughout the day that cover a wide range of topics that I want to use this to maybe organize them in some way.

I also want to share my experiences with other people from different walks of life, and I want to see what they have to share with me. I can’t afford to travel very much or very far, so maybe I can reach those places through you.

The last big reason I have started this is to learn and also to teach. I know I have information to share and I know there is so much out there to learn. I have had a lot of experience in different fields and I currently work in a field that I think there needs to be much, much more education on, finance/banking. I also am currently working on a degree so I plan to share my thoughts on being a student/father/full time worker and all the challenges that presents.

But I want to hear from you. What do you write about and why do you do it?




    • I feel the same way. I’ve started writing down thoughts throughout the day and plan to start fleshing them out here. I’ll be sure to check your site out.

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  1. I just started blogging but have always wanted to write. I seem to be good with words people say. I love to give advice if I can. I love to inspire people. My blog is a little about everything but right now my main topic is about being a foster parent and the journey my family has been on. This world is a dark place sometimes and we need to shine a little light through with deep people and their perspective and thoughts.

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